Park your money: High-yield alternative to fixed term deposits & Co.

Escape the low interest rate environment. A broadly diversified bond portfolio with ETFs enables you to increase your yield while at the same time having access to your capital at any time.

No negative interest and up to 2.92% p.a. expected return after costs
Stability due to high proportion of government and corporate bonds
Protection through separate assets and access to your capital at any time
Mit Ginmon erzielen Sie Renditen überhalb des Inflationsniveaus

Inflation adjustment instead of zero interest

In order not to stand idly by as inflation diminishes savings, alternatives to overnight money, fixed-term deposits or savings accounts are in demand. Avoid the loss of purchasing power of your wealth and generate income above the inflation rate. The focus on government and corporate bonds minimizes fluctuations in value. The investment strategy thus offers an ideal substitute for traditional savings products.

Flexible and transparent

Take the opportunity to exploit the potential of positive real returns for yourself. Ginmon strategies with a focus on government and corporate bonds are available as a one-off investment or regular savings plans. You can adjust savings rates at any time, payouts are flexible – of course free of charge and without any deductions.

Smartphone zeigt ETF-Depot in der Ginmon-App
Zahnräder greifen bei Sparplänen automatisch und kontrolliert ineinander

Automated while maintaining full control

By investing with Ginmon, your assets will be managed and monitored according to a scientific approach. In order to optimize fluctuations and expected returns, adjustments are made without any effort on your part. Reinvestments are also not required. At the same time, you have full control and insight into your account via the website and app at all times.

The flexible alternative to the overnight money account with Ginmon

Have you decided not to leave your money to depreciate in a daily or fixed-term deposit account and instead focus on your investment in bonds on the capital market in a return-oriented manner via an ETF portfolio? When you open your account, simply choose a financial investment with the right proportion of bonds for you, if you want a return that is well above the level of inflation.

By the way: You can also make your investments sustainable. With apeirongreen, your money flows into selected products, such as bonds from development banks.

Sowohl die klassische als auch die nachhaltige Geldanlage bei Ginmon erzielen Renditen über der Inflationsrate

We are there for you

Do you have questions about your portfolio, our service, or opening an account? Our customer service and investment experts are always happy to assist you personally.

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How does your overnight money alternative with Ginmon work?

You can open your Ginmon account in a few minutes. In just three steps, you can get started.

Set your personal goals
Answer some questions about topics such as your personal risk affinity and current life situation in just a few minutes.
Plan your investment
Select your desired initial investment and savings rate. Our technology calculates your optimal portfolio from this.
Relax and lean back
After opening your account, our technology automatically implements your conservative investment strategy as an alternative to overnight money. You can view the current status online at any time.

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