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Realize your financial goals individually with Ginmon. Investments, retirement provisions and wealth creation easily, digitally, successfully and safely implemented.

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Among the robo-offers analyzed, [...] Ginmon performed best in the comparison.
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Security has priority through special funds and deposit insurance

Yield optimization based on leading capital market research

Full flexibility and access to your investment amount at any time

What is your Investment objective?

Enjoy a secure retirement with the right pension plan and the necessary flexibility along the way.

Ginmon offers individually tailored investment strategies to achieve your retirement goal. Fair and transparent, we accompany you through all phases of your life in a return-oriented and cost-efficient manner.

Steady saving pays off. Build up assets with the right strategy - even without being a financial expert.

With Ginmon, you can achieve unlimited returns on the global capital market from as little as €50/month. Simply set up, transparently implemented, cost-effectively processed.

Build up assets while supporting climate-friendly and social projects worldwide. Sustainable investing with apeirongreen.

You will not find a more sustainable investment with any other digital asset manager.

Accompany your child on the path to adulthood. With the children's savings plan, you support the start of independence at an early stage. After all, even small savings amounts will turn into a considerable fortune after a few years. This makes wishes and dreams come true for your child and provides security as soon as the serious side of life begins.

Escape the low interest rate environment. A broadly diversified bond portfolio with ETFs gives you yield growth while giving you access to your capital at any time.

We have always been committed to a strict value approach. This has made a decisive contribution to our superior performance. The value strategy pays off in the long term.
Lars Reiner Gründer und Geschäftsführer von Ginmon

With Ginmon you get an investment that never loses sight of your pursued goal. And because goals change, investments at Ginmon are flexible. Change of strategy, adjustment or pause of the savings rate as well as access to your saved assets are of course possible at any time.

And because goals change, investments at Ginmon are flexible. Change of strategy, adjustment or pause of the savings rate as well as access to your saved assets are of course possible at any time.

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Your investment deserves a second opinion

Our non-binding portfolio check consists of an independent analysis of all your securities and funds - even if they are not managed by Ginmon - Afterwards we offer you a consultation with one of our investment experts.

Of course, we are also personally available for you

Do you have any questions about the securities account switching or our service? Our customer service and investment experts are always personally there for you.

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Live chat
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How does investing with Ginmon work?

You can open your Ginmon account in a few minutes. In just three steps, you can get started.

Set your personal goals
Just answer some questions about your personal risk affinity and personal life situation.
Plan your investment
Select your desired initial investment and savings rate. Our technology calculates the optimal portfolio for you.
Relax and lean back
After opening an account, our technology implements the investment strategy automatically. You can view the current status online at any time.