Highest safety is our top priority

Your investment remains yours at all times – with the highest standards of security!

As your Digital Wealth Manager, we know that every investor rightly expects their assets to be in the safest of hands. That is why security is our number one priority!

Ginmon is a regulated investment institution

Ginmon is a German regulated Investment Institution, authorised and supervised by the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) and the Deutsche Bundesbank. Ginmon is therefore subject to one of the strictest regulations in Europe.

Protection by EU deposit guarantee & special assets scheme

Your money and securities are held safely with our renowned banking and settlement partners. This means that your money is protected by EU deposit insurance and your securities are protected by German special assets. Deposits and withdrawals are processed exclusively through your personal reference account. Therefore, neither Ginmon nor any other third party ever has access to your money.

Special assets – Your investment is treated as a special asset and is therefore protected against losses even in the event of insolvency of Ginmon or our partner bank.

EU deposit guarantee – Money deposited in the Settlement Account is of course covered by the EU Deposit Guarantee and is therefore protected against the risk of default.

Our partners

The custody of your investments and the settlement of securities is carried out in cooperation with renowned major European banks and first-class partners such as DAB BNP Paribas Bank, ABN Amro, Clearstream Deutsche Börse and UpVest. All partners are subject to strict national and EU regulations that ensure the protection of cash deposits. Your funds are always segregated and protected in secure trust accounts.

Strict selection process for each ETF

Investors are often unaware of all the risks associated with certain investment products. For this reason, we take great care in selecting our portfolio components to ensure that they meet only the highest safety standards. By following our criteria, investment risks can be significantly reduced compared to similar products.

Physical replication

We only use physically replicating funds, i.e. funds that track the underlying index with the actual company shares it contains. This avoids swaps and unnecessary counterparty risk.

Minimal securities lending

In order to generate additional profits, many fund companies lend securities that are actually owned by investors. As such lending involves some risk, we keep it to a minimum.

State-of-the-art IT infrastructure with the highest levels of security & data protection

For maximum security we use SSL encryption on bank standard. Our servers are located in Germany and all data is subject to the highest German data protection standards.

EU server and data security

Advanced SSL encryption