Impulses from the best.

Ginmon’s Senior Advisory Board brings together the skills of recognized financial scientists and experts.

The People behind Ginmon

  • Many dream of turning their hard-earned money into a growing wealth, but for a long time, this world of professional wealth accumulation remained an exclusive privilege of the elite. However, at Ginmon, we believe that dreams and opportunities shouldn’t be limited by social or financial boundaries. With the rise of digitalization, we have reshaped the landscape of wealth building.
  • With Ginmon, we’ve created not just a technical platform that breaks these boundaries, but also made a promise. A promise that every individual receives the tools and resources to professionally grow their wealth.
  • But technology alone is not enough. It is the passion and dedication of each member of our Ginmon team that truly sets us apart. Our mission goes beyond numbers and algorithms. We aim to empower every individual to achieve their financial goals and dreams in a simple, modern, and scientifically backed manner. Because in a world where everyone has access to the best financial resources, we can together overcome inefficiencies and create a fairer, more prosperous society.

Our management team

Lars Reiner

Before founding Ginmon, Lars Reiner worked for Deutsche Bank as a management consultant. There he managed various projects, including in the private customer business of Deutsche Bank.

Ulrich Bauer

As a business graduate, Ulrich Bauer has been working as an independent financial advisor since 1989 and has specialized in looking after academics.

With his many years of know-how and his penchant for customer-friendly investments, he supports the product development of Ginmon as a co-founder.

Dmitriy Fot

Dmitriy Fot holds a master's degree in IT and media technology from the University of Hamburg. Before joining Ginmon, he worked as a Senior Cloud Architect at Amazon Web Services and held numerous positions as a software engineer for IBM in Germany and the USA. He was also able to gain experience in the financial industry as a software consultant at Eurasian Bank JSC.

In addition to expanding the cloud infrastructure, Dmitriy Fot is responsible for the further development of our specially developed technology platform apeiron.

Shelly Shrestha

With an MBA degree from WHU (Otto Beisheim School) and a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Shelly Shrestha oversees the cross-functional teams of HR, Legal, Business Intelligence, and Investment Operations. Before her tenure at Ginmon, she served as a Global Senior Organization Manager at Fresenius Medical Care and as a Senior Consultant at Deloitte.

Michael Baltruschat

Before joining Ginmon, Michael Baltruschat was with Vodafone/Arcor and subsequently spent many years at Deutsche Bank, holding various leadership positions in Marketing, Digital Sales, and as the Head of the online broker, maxblue. In March 2021, the graduate in business administration (Diplomkaufmann) transitioned to the digital asset manager Liqid as the Chief Marketing Officer.

At Ginmon, he oversees the entire customer lifecycle in wealth management, spanning from Marketing to Sales and CRM & Service.


Our Core believes

Financial knowledge
For many, investing represents a challenge that they often avoid, leading to missed valuable investment opportunities. Traditional banks frequently don't provide optimal support. This has profound societal implications, such as elderly poverty and pension gaps. Ginmon aims to offer everyone a simple and cost-effective investment solution that addresses these issues.
Strategy over impulse
Many people act on short-term impulses when investing and often overlook the long-term effects of these decisions. Only a well-founded, scientifically-based investment strategy enables structured wealth accumulation. Ginmon relies on such a scientific foundation to ensure long-term success for investors.
Our distinction from many others
Our belief at Ginmon is that an investment strategy based on capital market science ensures the greatest possible success for private investors. That's why we integrate these insights into all our processes and products. Our approach: simple, automated, and cost-effective.
Solutions instead of products
Although entering the capital market is easier than ever today, many private investors do not achieve the desired success. This is often due to impulsive decisions and a lack of strategy. Ginmon recognizes that most investors need professional investment solutions to achieve real success in private wealth accumulation.

Our team of consultants

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang König
Ehem. Dekan House of Finance Goethe-Universität Frankfurt​ a.M.
Dr. Burkhard Bonsels
Ehem. Senior Partner Quadriga Capital​ und BCG Alumni
Dr. Peter Haueisen
Ehem. CEO Allianz Pensionskassen AG
Norbert Kistermann
Vorstand Otto M. Schröder Bank und ehem. Bankhaus Bauer und Oddo BHF
Dr. Ulrich Meißner
Ehem. Leiter Marketing-Kommunikation der Deutsche Börse
Dr. Markus Pertlwieser
Combined Shape Copy 10Created with Sketch.
Ehemaliger Chief Digital Officer der Deutschen Bank und CEO von PENTA
Daniel Hoster
Leiter Großkunden Deutschland, Wealth Management der BNP Paribas

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