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These are free of charge and included when you invest larger amounts with Ginmon. For example, a personal contact person and a detailed deposit check are waiting for you.

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Esat Rasljanin
Wealth Management & Client Relation

Esat Rasljanin is a wealth manager who assists our clients with their investments and is available to answer questions about their personal portfolios. He has been with Ginmon for three years and is dedicated to making investing as easy as possible for you with personalized advice.

David Gathof
Wealth Management & Client Solution

David Gathof has been passionate about wealth accumulation since he was a student of economics. After becoming self-employed, he turned his passion for investing into a career, helping people systematically achieve their financial goals. At a large independent asset management firm in Berlin, he broadened his knowledge of investment products and today heads the Wealth Planning team at Ginmon.

Maximilian Wagner
Head of Client Service

Maximilian Wagner immersed himself in future technologies and algorithms of the financial world already during his time as a student at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt and brought this fascination, combined with profound capital market knowledge, to Ginmon as a Wealth Manager. Today he leads the Client Success & Service Team at Ginmon and supports and advises our clients in their personal questions regarding Ginmon's solutions.

Frequently asked questions / FAQs

Is there a minimum investment?

You can start your investment with Ginmon from a monthly savings plan of €50. There is no fixed minimum investment at the beginning of your investment.

Is there a contract period?

There is no minimum investment period with Ginmon. You can withdraw your entire investment amount at any time. A partial payout takes about five, a payout including account closure about ten bank working days. You will not incur any costs.

However, we advise our customers to plan a time horizon of at least 5 years for an investment in the capital market. This significantly increases the probability that the portfolio will increase in value over the long term, even with short-term price fluctuations.

How long does it take to open my account?

After your registration at Ginmon, you will be verified by PostIdent procedure at our partner bank on the same day. If you carry out the verification via a Deutsche Post branch, this usually takes at least 3 banking days and is beyond our control.

Our partner bank then takes 2 - 4 banking days for the final opening of the securities account if no further documents are required from you.

What documents do I need when opening an account?

You only need an official identification document for the Web ID procedure. In special situations, a certificate of residence may be required.

In principle, all customers not resident in Germany must submit a certificate of registration. All German residents who do not have German nationality must also submit a certificate of registration.

Germans living in Germany must also submit a certificate of registration if you use a passport to prove your identity.

If you have a current certificate of registration, please send us a copy to

Important: The registration certificate must not be older than 3 months and must be in German or English.

Where can I find product data sheets for the individual strategies?

Every customer can view the factsheet in the personal customer center directly on the homepage. Interested parties can also access it as part of our questionnaire to determine their risk profile.

How do I choose the right investment strategy for me?

The decision for an investment strategy depends on your personal preferences regarding the expected return as well as the possible fluctuation in value of the investment. Investment strategies with a higher proportion of equities have a higher expected return, but may fluctuate more in value than investment strategies with a lower proportion of equities.

If you have difficulties in choosing your investment strategy, we recommend that you first determine your investment type using our interview specially developed for this purpose. In 7 short questions you will find your individual investment type in less than 2 minutes.

Which investment concept do I follow with Ginmon?

Ginmon's investment concept is based on scientific findings of modern portfolio theory (Prof. Eugene Fama's efficient market hypothesis).

With Ginmon, we have developed an investment strategy that is free of forecasts and speculation to achieve the highest long-term return for each risk level. With Ginmon, you do not invest in individual stocks or securities, but you invest broadly spread over thousands of companies in the entire global economy. In this way, you benefit from the steady growth of the global economy, regardless of the development of individual world regions. In addition, the asset classes are adapted to your personal investment profile through a mixture of different ETFs.

Our investment concept is based on a buy-and-hold strategy with rebalancing. This means that we do not try to buy or sell in certain phases, but instead remain invested in the world market for as long as possible. Numerous studies have shown that the highest returns have been generated in this way in the past. Regular rebalancing ensures that your portfolio is always in line with your chosen strategy.

In addition, Ginmon is able to achieve significant cost advantages through the automation of the technology platform, which are passed on directly to the customers. With Ginmon, you thus save up to 60% of the fees compared to classic fund products.

Why do I invest exclusively in ETFs with Ginmon?

Numerous scientific studies have shown that traditional investment funds with active fund management lag behind the market return in the long term and at the same time incur significantly higher costs. That's why at Ginmon we rely exclusively on ETFs, ensuring you the most profitable investment strategy over the long term.

What does rebalancing mean?

Rebalancing means the continuous adjustment of your securities portfolio to the predefined composition of your investment strategy. The relative composition changes over time due to different performance of the asset classes included. To ensure a consistent representation of your investment strategy, we carry out rebalancing on a regular basis. This means that asset classes whose portfolio weighting is too low compared to the target allocation due to market fluctuations are bought and those whose weighting exceeds the target allocation are sold.

This ensures that diversification is maintained within your portfolio. Various studies have shown that a portfolio with rebalancing is less risky in the long term than a pure buy-and-hold strategy. In certain market phases, this can also help to improve returns, as this strategy regularly rebalances from highly to low-valued asset classes.

Our location

As a digital asset manager, we have settled in the heart of the financial metropolis of Frankfurt am Main.

Address: Mainzer Landstrasse 33a, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Opening hours: Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

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