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Ginmon TopZins – For those who want to invest their money in a liquid but stable way.


Liquid yet stable in value?

With Ginmon TopZins, you invest your money in a European money market fund and benefit from attractive interest rates. The money market, such as call money accounts, time deposit accounts or money market funds, is considered the least risky asset class.


Ginmon TopZins-EU

Your money is protected

Your investment is a special asset

Your investment is treated as a separate asset. This means you are 100% protected even if Ginmon or the partner bank becomes insolvent.

EU deposit insurance

In addition, the money you deposit in your Settlement Account is covered by the EU Deposit Insurance Scheme and is therefore protected against the risk of default.

Clients often ask us these questions:

How does Ginmon TopZins work?

With a savings account, call money and term deposit, you deposit your money with a bank. The bank uses this money. In short, you are lending your money to the bank.

The banks often pay you little or no interest.

Ginmon TopZins invests your money in the money market. Money market funds are liquid and stable money market instruments, just like bank deposits (overnight deposits, other sight deposits, savings deposits) and cash. With money market funds, you can benefit directly from attractive interest rates - without going through a bank.

Is there a fixed period for which the money must be invested?

No, there is no fixed term. Your investment is invested with maximum flexibility and a withdrawal order is possible every day.

Is my money safe and how is it protected?

Your money is invested in an ETF and is protected regardless of the amount invested. This is because under German law, ETF investments are treated as separate segregated assets, which means that your investment will always remain your protected property, both in the event of the insolvency of the fund company and in the event of the insolvency of the custodian bank or asset manager. ETFs are also subject to government authorisation and supervision in Germany, making them one of the safest forms of investment available.

Is the interest rate fixed?

We guarantee the interest rate until the time of payment. Only if the European Central Bank adjusts the Euro Short-Term Rate (€STR) before a payment date will we check whether an adjustment is necessary.

When will I receive my interest?

Interest income is calculated daily and automatically reinvested.
Therefore, the expected interest return is already included in the performance of the investment. The value of your investment therefore changes daily. As soon as a payment is made, the interest income is realised.

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