Your investment deserves a second opinion

Our non-binding account checkup consists of an independent analysis of all your securities and funds – even if these are not managed by Ginmon. We then offer you a consultation with one of our investment experts.

Ginmon-Experten führen einen Depotcheck durch

Get an overview

A balance in the portfolio is crucial in order to reliably achieve the long-term investment goals. Even custody accounts that were optimally structured in terms of risk tolerance and expected return of an investor at the time they were set up can quickly deviate from the intended target achievement due to price movements and transactions. In order to remain optimally positioned, every investor should regularly review their portfolio structure (recommended at least once a year). We would be happy to carry out a free deposit check for you.

Ginmon analysiert Ihre Wertpapiere

Analysis of your securities

We break down all of your securities for you according to position size, the current distribution across asset classes and the regions invested. This not only offers better transparency, it can also be used to draw initial conclusions for optimization.

Identification of risks

Has anything changed in your preferred allocation? Is your portfolio predominantly invested in a certain region or in similar sectors and is therefore subject to an unwanted cluster risk? Are there any hidden cost items? We identify the greatest sources of risk for your investment.

Weltkarte zeigt finanzielle Risiken von Investitionen auf verschiedenen Kontinenten
Mit Depotchecks lässt sich herausfinden, ob ein Depot zum Besitzer passt

Does your portfolio suit you?

Regardless of the identified risks, it is just as important to consciously question whether your portfolio still fits your life situation. Does the selected risk / reward profile match your needs and goals as well as your investment horizon? What measures can you take to make adjustments as efficiently as possible? Let us advise you.

Book an account checkup and a consultation

Let one of our investment experts guide you through your personal account checkup. Here you have the opportunity to clarify all open questions.