The Ginmon pricing scheme

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Ginmon service fee


of the investment amount per year

ETF costs


average ETF costs per year

How much does Ginmon cost me?

Your Investment:

3,13 €

per month

7,83 €

per month

8,13 €

per month

Ginmon service fee
including ETF fees

at 0.98% p.a.

Average fees of other robo advisors

at 1.08% p.a.

Average mutual fund fee

at 2.26% p.a.

Since we combine the securities purchases and sales of all our clients, we can offer you portfolio management at a lower price than if you managed your portfolio yourself.

The base fee covers the costs incurred for portfolio management and transactions. In this way, we can guarantee a 100% independent selection of investment products without commissions.

According to a study by the European supervisory authority ESMA, the average costs of European mixed funds, at 2.26%, are more than twice as high as our service fee of 0.75% p.a. The minimum is 1.50 € per month.

ETF costs

ETFs and index funds are characterised by their low cost compared to other investment products. The funds we use have an average fee (TER) of 0.21% p.a. across all strategies. This is taken directly from the fund assets by the fund providers. In addition, trading costs of 0.02% p.a. are incurred due to bid/ask spreads. Due to our proprietary algorithm, apeironenhance, we are able to minimize the portfolio turnover and thus the trading costs for our customers. Therefore, these costs are typically much lower with our strategies than with comparable providers.

The trading costs quoted are calculated as an average across all strategies based on an annual trading turnover of 15% of the portfolio value at the beginning of the year. The trading costs refer to the average bid-ask spreads of the ETFs we use on Xetra in the first quarter of 2018 (source: Bloomberg). Actual bid-ask spreads may vary.

Frequently asked questions

How can the fees be paid?
The fees are charged monthly directly to your Ginmon account.

No action on your part is necessary. In order to make purchases and sales for you at any time, a liquidity reserve of 2% of the investment amount is maintained in your custody account.

Is there a minimum duration?
You can cancel your Ginmon account at any time.

There are no additional fees.

Are deposits or withdrawals free of charge?

You can make deposits or withdrawals free of charge at any time.

There are no additional fees.

Are there any costs involved in setting up or changing the savings rate?
No, you can change your savings rate at any time free of charge.

As long as your investment amount exceeds €5,000, you can also reduce the savings rate to €0.

Can I change the selected investment strategy?
Yes, you can change the selected investment strategy at any time.

There are no additional fees.

What happens if my account has fallen below the minimum investment amount due to fluctuations in value?
That is not a problem.

There is no obligation to make additional contributions or the like.

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