Growing up with financial independence

Ginmon Junior –  Saving for your Next Generation

€ 31,000
First own car
€ 16,000
World trip
€ 8,000

The most important in a nutshell

Whether you want to finance your child’s first car, their first own apartment or the entire cost of their studies. Who starts investing early can enable these goals for the next generation. 


Zero interest and inflation

Nowadays, accumulating money in a savings account yields almost no interest, plus it hurts the purchasing power of your money. Prices are rising while the money does not increase at all. This means that your savings from today will be worth less in the future.
Expected annual return of 6,7 % on average

Why do so many investors invest in ETFs?

This can be explained quite simple: ETFs invest in many different stocks, bonds, commodities or real estate at once. By combining the right ETFs, you invest in thousands of individual stocks, diversifying across many countries, industries and asset classes. ETFs are the easiest way to invest in the global economy without the risk of individual stocks alone. If the global economy rises, the respective ETF portfolios follow accordingly.
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Asset classes:Amount:
blue-800 Stocks40% (€56,800)
purple-100 Bonds30% (€42,600)
green-100 Real estate15% (€21,300)
peach-crayola Raw materials15% (€21,300)

We have been managing ETF accounts since 2015, which now total 300+ million euros.

EU deposit insurance

The clearing account is subject to EU deposit insurance. This guarantees repayment claims of up to €100,000 by customers against credit institutions.

Your money is a special fund

Your investment is treated as a special fund. This way you are 100 % protected even in case of insolvency of Ginmon or the partner bank.


Can I always dispose of the money until my child turns 18?

Yes, you can dispose of the entire securities account until your child reaches the age of 18. Deposits, transfers, liquidations and withdrawals are at the discretion of the parent or guardian.

What happens to the deposit when my child turns 18?

Upon reaching the age of 18, your child can dispose of the deposit. If the child grants a power of attorney to the legal guardians, the disposal is also in the hands of the legal guardians.

Is there the possibility that other people such as grandparents and other relatives can pay in?

Yes, the child account gets its own IBAN, to which anyone can make a deposit.
Whether as a standing order or a one-time payment, anyone with the IBAN can deposit money.

How does the account opening process work?
  1. You register with Ginmon and specify how many legal guardians there are.
  2. Next, you upload documents such as the child's birth certificate and proof of custody (prenuptial agreement or custody declaration).
  3. Then, you select your investment preferences and create the ETF account with Ginmon.
  4. After opening the account, you can make deposits into the custody account.