Build up assets with ETFs


Automatic money growth with the right ETF strategy. As a savings plan and/or one- off payment.

It's not that complicated

Our clients are not financial experts, nor do they need to spend a lot of time researching the capital markets. For more than 6 years, we have been using a scientific approach to select the best German-listed ETFs for you.


This has proven to be successful.

80.905 €
+8,35 % p.a.

50.000 €

Group 116047457 (2)

Single investment of €50,000 in 2016 with the apeironinvest 10 strategy.
Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

violetEquity ETFs (up to 9,000 individual values)

green Bond ETFs (up to 3,500 individual securities)

bright sun Commodity ETFs (Metals and Energy)

pink Real Estate ETFs (up to 300 individual securities)

But how does the ETFs thing work?


Simply explained: ETFs invest in many different stocks, bonds, commodities or property at the same time. By combining the right ETFs, you can invest in thousands of individual stocks and diversify across many countries, sectors and asset classes.


In this way, you are simply replicating the global capital market, which has recovered from every crisis in the last 100 years and continues to reach new highs.

ETF Wealth Calculator

How is your ETF portfolio or ETF savings plan performing?

The Ginmon Wealth Calculator will show you,

  • how much return you can achieve with your ETF portfolio or ETF savings plan
  • under different scenarios
  • over the next 25 years.

You can customize the calculator to take into account your preferred risk profile or tax implications.

Since 2015 we have been managing ETF portfolios with meanwhile
300+ million Euro.

EU deposit guarantee

The clearing account is subject to EU deposit protection. This guarantees repayment claims of up to €100,000 by customers against credit institutions.

Your money is protected as special assets

Your investment is treated as a separate asset. Thus, you are 100% protected even in case of insolvency of Ginmon or the partner bank.

Questions we hear on the phone almost daily

Why are so many investors now investing in ETFs?

ETFs allow you to benefit from long-term rising economic growth and grow your money. Not only are ETFs very cheap, they are also very flexible. This means you can access your money at any time without having to worry about maturities, lock-up periods or redemption fees. ETFs spread risk so widely that situations such as total default are unlikely. Those who have invested in ETFs for several years have been able to weather most economic crises and have made good returns after a crisis.

Is there a bubble risk with ETFs?

No. ETFs are merely a means to an end to participate in the capital markets. ETFs allow investors to invest broadly in several hundred securities without having to buy them individually. In this way, you can benefit from many different price movements and spread the risk very widely.

Even in the worst-case scenario, i.e. the insolvency of the ETF manager, your money is protected because the invested funds...

  1. are valued by the ETF manager as segregated assets and therefore do not become part of the bankruptcy estate.
  2. are still invested in the market. Only the manager would change.
Why should I have an additional savings plan after a lump sum investment?

The average cost effect is one of the strongest effects of a monthly savings plan. For example, if you make a one-off investment of €25,000 and save €100 per month on your Ginmon account, you will buy ETF shares for €100 per month. No matter if the market prices are high or low. You will benefit from the average purchase price.

How do I identify myself online?
During the registration process you will come across our partner Web-ID. Web-ID allows you to authenticate yourself in a few minutes using a video camera (mobile phone camera, computer webcam, etc.). All you need is a valid photo ID or passport, an internet connection and a working video source.