Investing in a truly sustainable way

Build wealth while supporting climate-friendly and social projects – without additional costs. You will not find a more sustainable investment with any other digital asset manager.

The most important in a nutshell

Achieving returns in a responsible way

The right strategy for your risk profile is always available in green. This means for you:
No matter which strategy you choose, there is also a sustainable variant available in Ginmon.

Grow your wealth
Have your assets professionally managed
Build wealth
Build wealth with ETFs
Private pension
Your future deserves a solid and profitable private pension plan
Own a property
The dream of owning your own property becomes a reality
Saving for children & grandchildren
Helping children grow into financial independence

We have been managing ETF accounts since 2015, which now total
300+ million euros.

EU deposit insurance

The settlement account is subject to the EU deposit insurance. This ensures repayment claims of up to €100,000 by customers against credit institutions.

Your money is a special fund

Your investment is treated as a special fund. This way you are 100 % protected even in case of insolvency of Ginmon or the partner bank.

Why are so many investors convinced by ETFs?

This can be explained quite simple:
ETFs invest in many different stocks, bonds, commodities or real estate at once. By combining the right ETFs, you invest in thousands of individual stocks, diversifying across many countries, industries and asset classes.

ETFs are the easiest way to invest in the global economy without the risk of individual stocks alone. If the global economy rises, the respective ETF portfolios follow accordingly.

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Asset classes:Amount:
blue-800 Stocks40% (€56,800)
purple-100 Bonds30% (€42,600)
green-100 Real estate15% (€21,300)
each-crayola Raw materials15% (€21,300)

Question we hear on the phone almost every day

Which Ginmon products are also available as "green"?
The following products are also available in the sustainable variant: 1. ETF Savings Plan 2. Retirement 3.  VL Account 4. Child Account After registering, you can select the sustainable variant for your investment strategy.
What is greenwashing and how do we avoid it?

Greenwashing refers to the method of giving companies an environmentally friendly and sustainable image without the company actually fulfilling said statements. Greenwashing is a false euphemism to suggest a green image of the company to the customer.

Ginmon takes strict care not to include such companies in the ETF selection process by adding additional filters.

Are specific sustainable projects supported directly?

School education in Malawi: The green facility with Ginmon promotes sustainability projects. One of the Africa Development Bank's largest projects is the expansion of the education system in Malawi. Malawi is the third poorest country in the world in terms of GDP.

Namibia Water Sector Support Program: Namibia's population suffers from droughts and drinking water shortages. The African Development Bank has set a target to improve access and quality of water supply and sanitation by 2025.

West coast line project: Green bonds are bonds issued to finance sustainable projects. The West Coast Pipeline is a planned 140-kilometer power line in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, that will transport electricity generated by wind power plants in the north to the south.

Alexandria West Wastewater Project: Plastic pollution of the oceans is estimated to be between 4.8 and 12.7 million tons per year. This is comparable to a truckload of plastic being dumped into the oceans every minute. This project by the European Investment Bank, which is represented in our portfolio with 12 Green Bonds, aims to promote sanitation for Egyptians.

On which of the UN's sustainability goals are the green investments based on?

Ginmon is guided by the UN's 17 sustainability goals.
These include the promotion of sustainable energy and climate protection.

What is ESG?

The abbreviation ESG stands for Enviromental Social Governance.
This describes the three main criteria to which particular attention is paid in this investment approach. In addition to positive returns, the focus is mainly on long-term positive effects on society and the environment.
This significantly influences the ETF selection of sustainable investment at Ginmon. Through these criteria you can be sure that your investment is 100 % green and not greenwashing.