Park your money with a 3,58 % p.a. interest rate

Short-term, secure, and flexible.

Whether you’re saving for a major purchase or just looking for a safe place for your money, we have the solution. 

Things to know about parking your money

Do you prefer short-term investments that are quickly accessible

  • Step 1
    Define your goal: For how long do you want to park your money?
  • Step 2
    Choose the type of investment: Decide on the appropriate investment class
  • Step 3
    Continuous monitoring: We regularly inform you about changes in the interest rate landscape and, if necessary, recommend adjustments.

Why Ginmon TopZins?

Ginmon has made it its mission to pass on the interest rate adjustments of the European Central Bank (ECB) immediately and directly to all our existing and new customers. This idea led to the creation of the Ginmon TopZins offers. With these top interest offers, you can invest or save with strong interest rates in Europe’s money markets, and in the future, you can directly and automatically benefit from the respective current interest rates.

Money market funds are not an investment in the capital market. You invest directly in the money market, bypassing a bank. As a result, you can typically achieve higher interest yields than with the deposit products preferred by banks (daily and fixed deposits). European money market funds (like Top Interest-EU) are classified in risk class 1, along with savings bonds, daily money accounts, fixed deposit accounts, and home savings contracts. This risk class is particularly suitable for security-oriented investors who do not want to take any risks with their investments or want to park their money in the short term. 


Liquid yet stable in value

With Ginmon TopZins, you invest your money in a European money market fund and benefit from attractive interest rates. The money market, such as call money accounts, time deposit accounts or money market funds, is considered the least risky asset class.


Ginmon TopZins

Do the performance comparison

The Ginmon TopZins is – just like daily and fixed deposits – a money market product. But it can offer you some advantages and flexibility.

It’s best to compare Ginmon TopZins yourself with current daily or fixed deposit offers to get a comprehensive overview.

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Your money is protected

Your investment is treated as a separate asset

Thus, you are 100% protected even in case of insolvency of Ginmon or the partner bank.

EU deposit guarantee

The clearing account is subject to EU deposit protection. This guarantees repayment claims of up to €100,000 by customers against credit institutions.

Questions we hear on the phone almost daily

How does the Ginmon savings account work?

With a savings account, current account, and fixed deposit, you deposit your money at a bank. The bank uses this money. In short: You lend your money to the bank.

Banks often pay you little to no interest for this.

On the other hand, the Ginmon savings account invests your money in the money market. Money market funds are among the liquid and value-stable money market instruments, just like bank deposits (current accounts, other sight deposits, savings accounts) and cash. With money market funds, you can directly benefit from attractive interest rates - without going through a bank.

Is there a set duration for which the credit must be invested?

No, there is no set duration. Your investment is designed to be maximally flexible, and a withdrawal request can be made daily.

Is my credit safely invested and how is it protected?

Your money is invested in an ETF and is protected regardless of the investment amount. According to German law, ETF investments are treated as separate special assets, which means that in the event of insolvency of the fund company, the custodian bank, or the asset manager, your investment always remains your protected property. In addition, ETFs in Germany are also subject to government approval and supervision, making them one of the safest forms of investment available.

Is the interest rate fixed?

We guarantee the interest rate until the time of withdrawal. The only exception is if there is an adjustment to the Euro Short-Term Rate (€STR) by the European Central Bank prior to a withdrawal date. In that case, we will review whether an adjustment might be necessary.

When will I receive my interest?

Interest earnings are calculated daily and automatically reinvested. Therefore, the expected interest return is already included in the performance of the investment. The value of your investment thus changes on a daily basis. As soon as a payout occurs, the interest return is realized.

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