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Tax identification number (tax ID)

The tax identification number (also: tax identification number, IdNr. Or tax ID) is a nationwide, eleven-digit identification number that every citizen registered in Germany receives at birth for tax purposes. It was introduced on July 1st, 2007 and is intended to replace the tax number in the long term. The tax identification number does not change when you move, get married or change the tax office - it remains the same for life. The associated data will only be deleted as soon as they are no longer required by the authorities or at the latest 20 years after the death of the taxable person. With the introduction of the tax ID, the taxation procedure should be simplified and the bureaucracy reduced.

Where do I find my tax identification number?

You will find your tax identification number on the notification letter for the allocation of the identification number. In addition, the tax ID is listed on the income tax assessment and on your income tax certificate.

If you have lost or forgotten your tax ID, you can either contact the Federal Central Tax Office via the Input form or request it by letter to the following address.

BZSt address:
Federal Central Tax Office
Section St II 3
DGZ ring 12
13086 Berlin

Notification letter from the Federal Central Tax Office:

Zuteilung der Id Nr.-

Income tax certificate:


How do I get my tax identification number as a foreigner?

After you have registered with the residents’ registration office, you will receive your tax ID in writing from the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt for short).

If you are not registered in Germany but are still subject to tax here because you earn income in Germany, you must report to your responsible tax office.

In this case it is not possible to apply for your tax identification number yourself. The tax office will request your tax ID from the BZSt on your behalf.

Who can access my data?

All data linked to your tax identification number may only be used by the tax authorities for reasons of data protection.

All other institutions, such as pension and health insurances, receive your tax ID but have no further access to the associated data.

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