Pursue multiple investment goals with sub-accounts

Making private provision for retirement, investing sustainably, financing a property or saving for the grandchildren – there are many reasons for investing money in the capital market. Use sub-accounts to conveniently structure your portfolio and combine different risk profiles.

The right strategy for every goal

No matter what goals you want to achieve with your investment, we make it possible. You can easily open a separate sub-account for each of your plans.

Do you want to make private provisions for retirement, invest in a strictly sustainable manner or invest money for your children or grandchildren? For every risk profile and investment objective, we offer the portfolio that is right for you.

Security through a combination of investment strategies

Sub-accounts not only allow you to combine different investment goals such as a children’s account, an asset accumulation account or a sustainable portfolio. In addition, you have the option to adjust your investment to your investment horizons.

For example, a higher-risk but high-return strategy designed for many years can harmonize optimally with a short-term investment with only a few fluctuations and provide them with security.

How to open a sub-account

You can easily create sub-accounts from within your Ginmon account. Simply click on “Open new account”.
Then you can choose whether you want to open an investment account (which is in your own name) or a child account (which is in the child’s name).
In the following step, you select the desired strategy, specify the reference account and submit the order. For tax purposes, profits and losses between sub-accounts are offset annually by our partner bank, so that you do not incur any additional expense in your tax return as a result of sub-accounts.

We are there for you

Do you have questions about your portfolio, our service, or opening an account? Our customer service and investment experts are always happy to assist you personally.

Contact us!

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Live chat
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Arrange a callback conveniently and we will get back to you at the agreed time.
By email to service@ginmon.de, you can reach us as usual and tell us your questions and wishes.

How does investing with Ginmon work?

You can open your Ginmon account in a few minutes. In just three steps, you can get started.

Set your personal goals
Just answer some questions about your personal risk affinity and personal life situation.
Plan your investment
Select your desired initial investment and savings rate. Our technology calculates the optimal portfolio for you.
Relax and lean back
After opening an account, our technology implements the investment strategy automatically. You can view the current status online at any time.

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