Your questions, our answers – renaming of products and investment strategies


Find comprehensive answers to your questions about the renaming of products and investment strategies.

Which names are modified?

Why are the product and investment strategy names being changed?

The aim of the renaming is to simplify the product landscape and make it more accessible to you and new clients. In addition, the new names better reflect the enhanced product features and are forward-looking to better serve our growing international client base.

Do I have to do anything to activate the new names?

No, you do not need to do anything. The changes to product names and investment strategies will be made automatically. All existing contracts, terms and features will remain unchanged.

Will the quality of our products or investment strategies change?

No, the quality and performance of our products and investment strategies remain the same. The change of name has no impact on the actual products and services.

Will my contracts or terms be affected by the name change?

No, all existing contracts, terms and features will remain exactly as they are. You do not need to do anything.

What happens if I cannot find or use the new name?

Don't worry, we will ensure that both names (old and new) are recognized in our systems during a transitional period, so there will be no confusion.

How will the new names be communicated?

The new names will be updated on our website, customer emails and all other communication channels.

Does the change affect the user interface or the customer experience?

The customer experience and user interface remain largely unchanged. However, the new names will be adapted in all relevant places.

Is there a way to give feedback on the new names?

Of course, we value your feedback. You can contact us at any time using the contact details on our website.

We hope that this FAQ has answered all your questions about the upcoming changes. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.