Move your account comfortably with our account switching service

Would you like to transfer individual securities or your entire portfolio to Ginmon? This is no problem with our digital account switching service. After completion, your investment will be continued cost-efficiently and automatically in the strategy tailored to you.
Auf dem Smartphone einfach das ETF-Depot zu Ginmon umziehen
Automatic and scientifically based investment
No transaction costs for sales in the old securities account
Tax advantage by taking along loss offset pots when transferring securities accounts

Easy and free of charge

Design your financial investments in the future in an automated and convenient way, individually tailored and digital! This is done quickly and easily with the account switching service. After the transfer, your holdings will be converted and continued in your individual strategy at Ginmon. There are no transaction costs for you. At the same time, loss offsetting pots are retained.

Grafischer Pfeil symbolisiert Depotwechselservice von Ginmon

How does the account switching service work?

The automatic account switching service is uncomplicated for you from the Ginmon account and can be carried out in a few minutes.

Our service automatically reads your current securities account at your bank.
Depot wird automatisiert eingelesen
You will receive a portfolio overview in which you can select the securities to be transferred.
Grafik zeigt Bestandsübersicht der gehaltenen Depots
We will notify your bank, which will then arrange the transfer and all further steps. You choose whether you want to close or keep the custody account with your previous bank.

We are there for you

Do you have questions about your portfolio, our service, or opening an account? Our customer service and investment experts are always happy to assist you personally.

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