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Terms and conditions Ginmon Motive MoneyMarket-US

Interest rate
At opening of Ginmon Motive
  • 5.30% interest p.a. (before costs, see fees below)
Interest Rate Return

The interest return is reflected in the performance of the ETF. It is calculated daily and reinvested daily in the money market fund.

Please note: Regardless of the interest return, the investment is made in US dollars. This means that the current EUR/USD exchange rate may affect the overall result. For example: If the US Dollar increases in value against the EUR, the total return may be higher - if the EUR increases in value against the US Dollar, the total return may be lower.

  • There is a service fee of 0.75% p.a. and an ETF expense ratio of 0.15% p.a.
Consumer Protection

Product Information for Ginmon Motive MoneyMarket-US according to the recommendation of the German Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection (Link)