Enjoying a wealthy retirement

For anyone who does not want to do waive anything in old age. Retirement planning with ETFs.

Conventional pension products

There are little to no interests when investing in standard retirement products. While at the same time, everything is getting more expensive.

The statutory pension will not secure their desired living standard of most people in old age.

Private pension products are often overpriced and largely sold through poor advice.

But how does „this ETF thing“ work?

This can be explained quite simple:

ETFs invest in many different stocks, bonds, commodities or real estate at once. By combining the right ETFs, you invest in thousands of individual stocks, diversifying across many countries, industries and asset classes.

Hence, you simply map the global capital market, which has recovered from every crisis in the last 100 years and repeatedly reached new highs.

violet Stock (up to 9,000 individual values)

green Bond (up to 3,500 individual values)

bright sun Raw material (metals and energy)

pink Real estate (up to 300 individual values)

Set your one time payment
€ 5,000
From € 0 to € 1,000,000

Risky, balanced or defensive?

With only a few details, we will find the right investment strategy for you. We use a scientific approach to check which – among all in Germany available ETFs – ones are the best for you. Hence, we create your individual portfolio.

We have been managing ETF accounts since 2015, which now total 250 million euros

EU deposit insurance

The settlement account is subject to the EU deposit insurance. This ensures repayment claims of up to €100,000 by customers against credit institutions.

Your money is a special fund

Your investment is treated as a special fund. This way you are 100 % protected even in case of insolvency of Ginmon or the partner bank.

Question we hear on the phone almost every day

Why are ETFs so much more suitable than standard pension products such as Riester or Rürup?

The Rürup pension is taxed at your personal tax rate when it is paid out, while ETF gains are taxed only at the settlement tax rate. A Rürup pension can be paid out from the age of 60 at the earliest, while an ETF can be paid out whenever you want. Incidentally, also in any amount.

A Riester pension is tied to a number of specification, such as a minimum investment period and a limited choice of investments. In contrast, an ETF investment offers much more freedom and significantly higher potential returns.

For example, if we consider an investment of €50,000 with a savings plan of €300 per month over the investment horizon of 30 years, we can see a significant difference of €533,859 between investing in the capital market and through insurance.

Am I too old to start retirement planning yet?

Clear answer: No.

Whether you're 40, 50 or 60, investing in ETFs historically always pays off. With the right investment strategy, you can start investing no matter how old you are. Payouts are flexible as well, so you can make your money work for you even in your old age.

Why is Ginmon independent?

Ginmon does not receive any commission from the ETF providers from which the selection is made. We only earn from the service fee.
This way our investors can be sure that we act in their best interest.
In addition, Ginmon does not belong to any company or bank. This allows us to freely choose the ETFs for our investors.

Do I have to withdraw my deposit all at once, as it is the case with comparable retirement products?

No, you are 100 % flexible.

Whether as a one-time payment, monthly or even daily withdrawal - you decide when you want to withdraw how much money from your Ginmon account.