Investing with ETFs on autopilot

Other platforms simply let you buy ETFs. We help you to successfully invest with them.

Known from:
>300 Mio.€ Managed assets

Highest returns - Independently verified

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*after fees and taxes, return on medium risk portfolios over 4 years

Among all providers in our comparison, Ginmon performed the best.

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You don’t want your money to lose value sitting in your bank account

Since 2015, investors in Germany have trusted us with more than €250 million in ETF investments. With ETFs providing returns up to 6.7% annually, we offer a selection of the best ETFs for you.

Verified performance
Multiple independent awards on portfolio performance. Many years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.
Whenever you have questions, we answer the phone. You get a designated contact person.
We act solely in your best interest, without commissions or other conflicts of interest.

We’re more than a robo-advisor

With Ginmon, you get the best of both worlds: Automated wealth management combined with expert personal advice.

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How does Ginmon work?
Your financial goals
Our goal is to help you achieve your financial goals. Our investment strategies are designed based on scientific methods and proven investment concepts
The investment process is simple: Invest a lump sum or save monthly. We monitor your portfolio and make adjustments as necessary.
Change in plans? No worries!
Easily deposit, withdraw, change, or pause your savings plan.
How does Ginmon work?

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Don't just take our word for it

The independence from a large investment group is a big plus. I also tried the market leader, but I was very unsatisfied with it.
Four years ago, I entered the world of robo-advisors. It has been a very rewarding experience with a remarkable return on my investment.
Don’t worry about anything, just determine your risk profile and invest. Simple, low-cost investment. I also liked the recent super-good returns.

Digital, yet personal: We’ve got you covered

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Ginmon in a nutshell: Some typical questions we get

That sounds complicated. Is it?

Our team in Frankfurt does the hard work while you relax and remain in full control of your investments. You specify how you want to invest and what is important to you, and we make it happen.

What if I want my money? Do I have to wait?

No, you can withdraw your Ginmon deposit when you want.
You can pause your savings plan as often and as long as you want. No extra fees or lock-up periods.

What if Ginmon no longer exists?

Good question! Let's go through the worst-case scenarios.

Case 1 - Ginmon goes bankrupt.
In this very unlikely case, your deposit would remain unaffected.
The custody account is safely held at our partner bank.

Case 2 - The partner bank goes bankrupt.
Don't worry, this is also very unlikely.
In fact, your invested money is completely protected.
In this case, your securities are held in a so called “segregated account” that, in the worst case, is automatically transferred to a partner bank of your choice. Three will be no change to your account, and you will remain invested.

Case 3 - The capital market collapses.
While capital markets are volatile, this is of less concern to the long-term investor.
The global capital market has, without exception, recovered after every crisis and achieved steady 6-7% p.a. returns over longer period of time.

How does the registration process work?

First, you register and answer 8 questions about your investment goals.

This takes less than 3 minutes.

Now you will receive your personalized investment proposal.

Next, you verify your identity via video ident.

You then tell us how you would like to deposit your money into your custody account.
• via SEPA credit transfer
• via recurring SEPA credit transfer
• via SEPA direct debit

As soon as the money arrives, we invest it in your personalized ETF strategy.

Of course, you can change your strategy or deposit at any time, free of charge, or even have all your investments paid out.

How to get started with Ginmon

Personal goals

Together, we create your individual investment strategy.

This is based on your personal risk appetite and your experience in the capital market. Through this assessment, we make sure that you sleep tight, independent of market volatility or macroeconomic uncertainties.

Opened in just a few minutes

We open your custody account and automatically invest your money.

We keep an eye on your investment every day and ensure that it always corresponds to your personal preferences.

Seamlessly start investing
Set it and forget it

Once you are set up, you may or may not check it regularly. Your investment grows over time, independent on how active you are.

However, you have full flexibility. Deposits and withdrawals are possible at any time.

Full flexibility at any time