Investing capital-forming benefits in ETFs free of charge

Profit from up to €480 per year in addition to your salary.
Direkt ins ETF-Depot.

Easy switch

Permanently free ETF custody account for VL.

Instead of investing in low-interest home savings contracts or bank products with your VL allowance, switch to a high-yield ETF savings plan. A change is possible at any time.

Bank deposits
ETF VL account
Building savings contract

Why are so many investors convinced by ETFs?

This can be explained quite simple: ETFs invest in many different stocks, bonds, commodities or real estate at once. By combining the right ETFs, you invest in thousands of individual stocks, diversifying across many countries, industries and asset classes.

ETFs are the easiest way to invest in the global economy without the risk of individual stocks alone. If the global economy rises, the respective ETF portfolios follow accordingly.

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blue-800Aktien40% (56.800€)
purple-100Anleihen30% (42.600€)
green-100Immobilien15% (21.300€)
peach-crayolaRohstoffe15% (21.300€)

The most important facts about the VL depot


What happens to the VL account when changing employers?

You can easily transfer the capital-forming benefit payments to your new employer. If your new employer does not offer any capital-forming benefits, you can ask your employer to pay the other contributions from your net salary into the VL account. Our service is always ready to support you.

What is the advantage of an ETF savings plan over building loan contracts / bank deposits?

Due to the current interest rate situation, building loan contracts and bank deposits hardly yield any returns. It is therefore advisable to invest the capital-forming benefits on the capital market, as is the case with Ginmon. After all, your savings should continue to increase in the long term.

due to the current interest rate situation What are capital-forming benefits?

Capital-forming benefits (VL or VWL) are cash benefits from the employer, either on a voluntary basis or based on a regulation in the collective or employment contract. The money gift from the employer must be paid into a specific form of investment. The employer can add up to €40 per month to your gross salary. Whether and how much your employer pays is usually regulated in the employment or collective agreement

I already have a VL contract but would prefer to use Ginmon-VL.

You can easily change your VL contract. You inform your employer that the capital-forming benefits should now be paid into the Ginmon-VL account. You will, of course, receive written notification of this from us. In this case, the first VL contract is no longer saved and the capital-forming benefits are credited to the Ginmon VL account. You can have the old VL contract paid out after the blocking period has expired


What do I have to do to start?

To find out if you receive capital-forming benefits, check with your human resources department or check your employment or collective agreement. If your employer pays you VL, open your VL account with Ginmon. After opening an account, you will automatically receive a document on which you will find the IBAN of the account. You pass this document on to your employer and let the VL payments go to your deposit.

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