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Our Return Optimization

Even as you invest, keep an eye on your after-tax return.

With the help of ​apeiron​enhance, we consistently identify potentials for optimizing your portfolio in order to make your investment as efficient as possible – right from the first euro invested. For example, our technology automatically exhausts your tax allowance instead of only using it at the end of your investment horizon. You benefit from annual tax savings of up to € 224.24 as an individual investor without having to actively deal with it. All you need to do is set up a tax exemption order in your Ginmon customer center.

Accessible to everyone. At all times.

apeiron​enhance is available at no additional cost to all investors who manage their money with us.

Mathematical complexity. Very simple.

Our tax optimisation is carried out according to the valuation procedures permitted by § 256 HGB and relieves you of the complexity of manual implementation.

Security. For you and your returns.

The security mechanisms of our algorithm ensures that your tax allowance is not exceeded at all times and that you always benefit from optimal tax efficiency.

How does aperionenhance work?

In principle, the following applies in Germany: Those who make capital gains must pay the so-called Abgeltungssteuer (final withholding tax) on them. In Germany, this is 25%, on top of which the solidarity surcharge and any church tax is also payable. The final withholding tax is payable on all income from capital assets. This includes interest, realized capital gains and dividends.
To provide tax support for financial provision, every German saver is granted a tax-free allowance on investment income. This is something ​apeiron​enhance will take advantage of for you.

Tax allowanceAdult single: 801€ p.a.Married couple: 1.602€ p.a
Potential tax savings per year
224.24 €
448.48 €

Note: Maximum tax rate of 27.995% (capital gains tax + solidarity surcharge + church tax of 9%)

How does this improve my returns?

We restructure the investment securities in your portfolio for you in such a way that an annual profit is realized that optimally fills your tax allowance. Because if you do not use your tax-free allowance every year, you are giving away cash. At the end of your investment horizon, you would have to pay taxes on all amounts above your tax-free allowance. Because you already cover a portion of your profits with your tax-free allowance each year, you pay less tax on these profits when you pay out your investment assets. Thanks to the high degree of automation with which we buy and sell investment products, we keep transaction costs lower than it is possible for private investors – while maintaining a consistent risk profile. Most importantly, we take away the complexity of manual switching.

Gross and net returns after 5 years

Tax savings compared to the costs of our wealth management

The example is based on an initial investment of €20,000, an annual return of 4% after costs, an investment period of five years and the highest possible tax burden of 27.995%.

An investment income of approximately €4,300 would be taxed properly here when the capital gains are realized, resulting in a tax burden of approximately €1,200. With a continuous optimization of the tax allowance, however, a total of € 1,120 could be saved. In the end, only a tax burden of less than 100 € would be incurred, the rest would already have been optimized over the duration of the investment.

In the given example, the realized tax savings would even exceed our wealth management fee of 0.75% p.a. over all five years. In this case, ​apeiron​enhance would save you more than you would have had to pay for our service over the entire investment period.

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