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Rigorous evaluation for your investment success

When selecting investment vehicles, Ginmon takes extra care to minimize the risk for you, the investor, and to work as cost efficiently as possible. The ETFs and index funds utilized by Ginmon have to meet several criteria. The proprietary Ginmon technology is always screening the market for new and better products. Therefore, we can adjust your portfolio as needed to offer you an even better service in the future. With Ginmon you make sure that everything is in place for a successful long-term wealth creation.

Our selection criteria


In total, Ginmon’s investment strategies track the performance of almost 12,000 securities from 103 countries. When selecting ETFs we attach special importance to diversification. E.g. we deeply scrutinize index methodologies to ensure they are as inclusive as possible.

The following criteria guide our decision process:

Broad diversification
Low degree of optimized sampling
Extensive index methodology


Your long-term financial success depends on more than just the right strategy; subtle differences in product structures may also have a significant impact. Therefore, we pay special attention to tax efficiency and the return of lending revenues to the fund in order to exploit all potential sources of investment return.

The following criteria guide our decision process:

Tax efficiency
Roll optimization
Return of lending revenues to fund


When selecting index funds cost efficiency is one of our prime considerations. We consider all direct and indirect product costs such as TER or tracking error as well as trading costs. By selecting funds with high liquidity and narrow bid-ask spreads we can ensure that there will be no unexpected trading costs.

The following criteria guide our decision process:

High liquidity
High trading volume
Narrow spreads
Low tracking error
Low tracking difference


As a digital wealth manager we manage more than just assets; we manage risks. In order to minimize counterparty and default risks, we prefer physically replicating ETFs and low securities lending activity. For funds that are engaged in securities lending, we strictly require collateralization in excess of 100%.

The following criteria guide our decision process:

Physical replication
Low securities lending
High collateralization of securities lending
High credit quality
Hard currencies
Quality weighting

No speculation

With Ginmon you are invested for the long term. We will never participate in speculative asset classes such as currencies or agricultural products. Neither will we jump onto trending short-term topics which usually cost more than is justified by their returns.

The following criteria guide our decision process:

No agricultural products
No currencies
No crypto currencies
No trending topics

Based on these strict criteria, the proprietary ApeironSelect® algorithm constantly monitors the entire universe of index funds, so that it can present you optimisation potentials when necessary.

Our Product Universe

Only the best components

Based on our strictly defined criteria, our selection algorithm apeironselect screens regularly the whole universe of more than 1,700 index funds and ETFs in order to identify the most suitable components for your portfolio. The latest output of our algorithm can be found below. The allocation of each product varies depending on the investment strategy, hence, not every product is included in every portfolio.




Small cap stocks worldwide

SPDR MSCI World Small Cap icon open link external


Value stocks worldwide

Xtrackers MSCI World Value icon open link external


US stocks

Xtrackers MSCI USA icon open link external


European stocks

Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe icon open link external


Japanese stocks

Vanguard FTSE Japan icon open link external


Stocks Asia Pacific

BNP Paribas Easy MSCI Pacific ex Japan ex CW icon open link external


Emerging market stocks

iShares Core MSCI EM IMI icon open link external





US Treasury bonds

SPDR Bloomberg Barclays 1-3 Year US Treasury Bond icon open link external


Eurozone government bonds

Lyxor EuroMTS Highest Rated Macro-Weighted Govt Bond 3-5Y icon open link external


Euro corporate bonds

Xtrackers II EUR Corporate Bond icon open link external


Emerging market government bonds

UBS Bloomberg Barclays USD Emerging Markets Sovereign icon open link external


Eurozone inflation-linked government bonds

Lyxor Euro Government Inflation Linked Bond  icon open link external






BNP Paribas Easy Energy & Metals Enhanced Roll icon open link external


Real estate



Real estate worldwide

HSBC FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed icon open link external


Securities distribution

Apeiron Select Securities Distribution Map
Apeiron Select Securities Distribution Map

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