Higher returns through smart technology

Our technology offers – apart from a considerable cost advantage – an automated portfolio management optimally aligned with your needs. Using smart automation, Ginmon overcomes the weaknesses of traditional ETF investments such as poor diversification, unfavourable market timing and high fees.

apeiron® — the algorithm for modern portfolio management

On the basis of your data, apeiron constructs an ETF portfolio that suits you very well.

apeiron creates and monitors your portfolio around the clock. In this way, we enable you to achieve maximum investment success for your investor type – without any effort at all.

  1.  apeiron select

New investment products are constantly appearing on the market. apeironselect scans the universe of ETFs and index funds.

So you always have the optimal investment product in your portfolio.

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  1.  apeiron protect

Should individual securities in your portfolio fluctuate more strongly in value, apeironprotect will restore your target allocation.

This means that you are always optimally invested and are not exposed to unexpected fluctuations in your portfolio.

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  1.  apeiron enhance

apeironenhance was developed to identify additional optimization potentials.

All cash flows are used to maintain the customer’s target allocation without sales.

In this way, you avoid unnecessary shifts in your depot and save the final withholding tax.

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