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DAB BNP Paribas: a strong partner by our side.

DAB Bank is considered one of the pioneers in online banking. DAB BNP Paribas been a reliable partner for our technology platform since day one of Ginmon. With over 500,000 satisfied customers, DAB BNP Paribas has the necessary expertise to look after our investors’ funds. Since the end of 2014 it has also been part of BNP Paribas – one of the largest banks in Europe.

“As an important partner among the currently five providers from the young financial technology industry with whom the custodian cooperates” , said Robert Fuchsgruber, Chief Business Officer of DAB BNP Paribas, Ginmon in an interview with DAS INVESTMENT.

Protected access. For you alone.

Your investment is safely stored at our partner bank, DAB BNP Paribas. Deposits and withdrawals are processed exclusively via your own reference account. Neither Ginmon nor any other third party will ever have access to your money.

The settings you have made in the Ginmon customer center can be changed at any time and are implemented exactly according to your ideas. Ginmon acts as an intermediary and takes over all processes for you. So you always have full control over your finances, we do the work.

Segregated account – Your investment is considered as segregated assets and thus protected from losses even in the event of insolvency by Ginmon or our partner bank.

EU deposit insurance – Money paid into the clearing account is of course subject to the EU deposit insurance and is thus also protected against the risk of failure.

Ginmon eliminates all hidden risks

Often investors are not even aware of all the risks that certain investment products entail. For this reason, when selecting our portfolio components, we strictly ensure that they only meet the highest security standards. By observing our criteria, investment risks can be reduced significantly compared to similar products.

Physical replication

We only rely on physically replicating funds, i.e. funds that replicate the underlying index with the company shares actually contained. This is how we avoid swap transactions and unnecessary counterparty risks.

Minimal securities lending

To generate additional profits, many fund companies lend on securities that are actually owned by investors. Since such a loan carries some risks, we keep it as low as possible.

Data protection at the highest level

For maximum security, we use SSL encryption based on banking standards. Our servers are in Germany and all data is subject to the highest German data protection standards.

EU server and data security

Modern SSL encryption

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You can open your personal Ginmon account in a few minutes. After just three steps, you can lean back and relax and have access to the savings you have invested in the capital market at any time. Of course, there are no minimum terms and no hidden costs.

Step 1: Set your personal goals

You answer in a few minutes a few questions on topics such as your personal risk affinity and personal life situation.

Step 2: Plan your investment

Select your desired one-off payment and savings rate using a slider. From this, our technology calculates your optimal portfolio.

Step 3: Lean back and relax

After opening the securities account, our technology automatically implements the investment strategy. You can view the current status online at any time.