The people behind Ginmon

A team of trained experts with decades of experience in technology and finance.

Our Mission

For a long time, professional wealth management was a service reserved only for the wealthiest investors. In the course of digitalization, we have created Ginmon, a solution that enables everyone to professionally build wealth. Every day we put our heart and soul into our technology platform, which makes investing in the capital market more efficient and profitable than ever before. Join us on our mission to revolutionize investing and benefit from the new way of investing money.

Advised by financial experts.

Ginmons Senior Advisory Board connects expertise and vast experience of recognized scientists and financial experts.

Ginmon works with today’s best talents on the financial technologies of tomorrow.

A continuously growing team of international experts stands behind our award-winning portfolio intelligence and our comprehensive customer care.

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Alexandra Jopp

Customer Success Manager

Tobias Becker

Frontend Development

Matthias Schmitt

Business Development Manager

Usman Akram

backend development

Jonas Lüth

Business Intelligence

Thilo Reiner

Mobile Development

Askar Kalykov

Backend Development

Jannik Horz

Business development

Esat Rasljanin

Customer Success Assistant

Sarah Naegele

Investment Analyst

Penghui Li

Frontend Development

René Kraneis

Backend development

Daniel Schmidt

Frontend Development

Celia Breu

Business Development

Dixia Lei

Online Marketing

Philipp Franke

Senior Marketing Manager

Oliver Schmied

Business Development
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