ETF savings plan: Achieve great goals with small amounts

Steady savings pay off. Build up wealth with the right strategy – even without being a financial expert.

With Ginmon you can achieve returns on the global capital market without restrictions from as little as €50/month. Simply set up, transparently implemented, cost-effectively processed

Invest from €50 in up to 12,000 global companies
Save taxes efficiently: Implemented free of charge for every customer
Automatic and scientifically based asset management
Mit einem ETF-Sparplan von Ginmon können steigt die Rendite von Jahr zu Jahr

High-yield savings

Regularly saving small amounts efficiently is possible for everyone. High-yield investments on the stock market and taking advantage of the compound interest effect, provide long-term results that dwarf alternative investment products.

For long-term value creation

With little effort, our technology accompanies you in determining your investor profile. Diversification, rebalancing, tax optimization, risk management: Once we have found the right strategy, we will implement it for you in the long term. And you can conveniently monitor the performance and all changes via the website and app.

Zahnräder greifen bei Sparplänen automatisch und kontrolliert ineinander

Flexibility is guaranteed

Are your savings goals or financial circumstances changing? No problem: adjust the savings rate or make additional one-off payments. Of course, withdrawals are also possible at any time.

Uniquely sustainable

Do you want to make a difference with your investment? Do not make any compromises and opt for a real impact investment with apeirongreen. With “best-in-class” selection, you invest more sustainably with Ginmon than with any other digital provider.

Diagramm mit grünem Balken symbolisiert die nachhaltige Geldanlage von Ginmon
See for yourself how your assets grow

Cost-efficient investment on the capital market generates high returns. Small savings amounts can quickly turn into substantial assets.

Use our savings plan calculator to find out how you can achieve attractive value growth with your savings using professionally structured investment strategies.

Your safety - our responsibility

Broad diversification in up to 12,000 individual stocks
Monitoring and rebalancing for stabilized risks
Investment capital in ETFs is legally considered special assets
No speculative asset classes
Ginmon Investment Experten und Kundenservice

We are there for you

Do you have any questions about our product or our service? Do you need help opening an account? Our customer service and investment experts are always personally there for you.

We would also be happy to look at your entire pension situation in the context of existing products or assets in order to achieve the optimum for you in the long term.

How does investing with Ginmon work?

You can open your personal Ginmon ETF portfolio within minutes. In just three steps, you get started.

Set your personal investment goals
Answer some questions about topics such as your personal risk affinity and current life situation in just a few minutes.
Plan your investment
Select your desired initial investment and savings rate. Our technology will calculate your optimal ETF portfolio.
Relax and lean back
After opening your account, our technology automatically implements your investment strategy. You can view the current status online at any time.

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